Step 1: Register & set up CHECKITx

  1. When you open CHECKITx, always click “Enable macros”.
  2. The first time you open the system, you will get a dialog box that tells you to enter “TryBTech”. You have to enter that, and it’s case-sensitive.
  3. Next, you will get a dialog box that tells you to enter your firm name. Put that in exactly as you want it to appear on all your checklists, as you can’t change it later. That registers CHECKITx to your firm.
  4. The free trial gives you access to 8 sample checklists for each of the two programs.
  5. When you close the program, always click SAVE.
  6. Each time you re-open CHECKITx in Free Trial mode, it will ask you to enter an unlock code, which you get when you buy the system. You can simply click “Cancel” and it will allow you to explore the program until the 10-day free trial expires.
  7. Once you purchase CHECKITx, and put in the unlock code when prompted, then click “OK”. The system is now fully unlocked and you’ll see no more prompts.
  8. See also the Features & Benefits page for more information on the free trial period.
  9. This installation guide is also located on the How to Buy & Set up page, and in the Guides page in CHECKITx.

Step 2: Customise CHECKITx

  1. Review the checkmarks in each checklist. Which ones will  you implemented on all projects? Change red checks to black, or vice versa, to customise the checklists to your values. SAVE.
  2. Make a copy of the complete file for each major building type or discipline that you do. In each copy, change “Core” or “More” in cell 1B to that type/disciple eg. Aged Care or Interiors. This designation will be copied into every checklist in the named set. SAVE. The Building Type / Discipline will also be copied into the Project Quality Report cover sheet.
  3. For each saved Project Type/Discipline Master, review the Stages you want to include. You can turn off any checklist by clicking the Hide [ H ] button opposite it. You can turn any hidden checklist back on by clicking the Show [ S ] button opposite it.
  4. Review each checklist item as to whether you want included in the type/discipline checklist. You can delete any checklist item or reword it. You can create additional items as long as they don’t exceed 26 (a-z) in one list.
  5. SAVE. Your CHECKIT Project Type Master set is now ready to be customised for a project.
  6. NOTE: Do not attempt to change any checklist title. The titles are used to operate the Hide & Show features, and if you monkey with them you’ll disable the system.
  7. Need more help??
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