For a new – and better – way to think about client relationships, read this:

10-step CRM Implementation Plan for Design Professionals

Part of your role in managing a project is to manage the client, and even to “upward” manage the client’s rep when they appoint one. One of the best ways to manage scope creep and change is to set up a spreadsheet that captures ALL project changes, whether or not you request extra money to do them. Here’s how:


A project without a plan is a ship without a rudder: You might eventually get to your destination, but it won’t be in a straight line, and it will take longer than it should. The first tool below gives guidance on how to set up for coordination and integration of the work of the whole project team.

Managing Design Interfaces


The Small Project Milestone Schedule is the simplest, fastest and easiest way ever invented to schedule small projects. Free, fully customisable, built in PowerPoint. No software to buy!

Small Project Milestone Schedule (view image)

Small Project Milestone Schedule (download)