Building Technology Pty Ltd ABN 73 005 822 346 – DELIVERY & RETURNS POLICY and TERMS & CONDITIONS

This Delivery and Returns Policy describes your rights with respect to your access to products sold on the Building Technology web site.

  1. Delivery

Software is delivered either by downloading products from our web site, or sent directly to you by a staff member as an attachment to an email.

In the case of the DesignRisk web app, you will register on the web site, and your records of usage will remain there, but in order to purchase the DesignRisk web app, the site will transfer you to the Building Technology site where you will make your purchase. DesignRisk is a product of Building Technology, but is supported as a separate web site in order to maintain the records of your risk assessments.

If you do not receive your products and/or unlocking codes promptly after purchase, contact Building Technology by phone: 03 9686 3846 in Australia, or +61 3 9686 3846 outside Australia, or email us at We will endeavour to resolve any delivery issues as promptly as possible; usually on the next business day.

  1. Returns

Products sold on the web site offer a free trial period, which is adequate for you to assess the products for applicability to your business.

If, after using the product, you believe it is deficient in some way, please email us with your concerns, and we will either correct the deficiency or refund your money as long as your request is within 30 days of purchase. No refunds will be made after 30 days from purchase.

If you simply change your mind about your purchase, at our discretion, we may (but do not guarantee to) credit your payment to the purchase of other products.

  1. Terms & Conditions

Content: Building Technology products include extensive content; that is, checklists, forms, and tools of various kinds. It is impossible to create content that would be fully appropriate for every project or condition. During your free trial period, it is your responsibility to review the content and to decide if it is suitable and adequate for your purposes, prior to purchasing the product.

Currency of Content: Products supplied include references to various, standards, codes and other references that govern project design. Building Technology Pty Ltd warrants that the details of its content will be reasonably accurate as of the date they were created.

However, if these standards, codes and other references change, the content may become out of date. The products Building Technology offers allow for these changes by making it possible for users to update their content until such time as a new version is released that updates the references to these standards, codes and references. Accordingly, if the products contain references which are out of date, this shall not be a valid reason to return the product.

Use: Except for testing purposes during the free trial period, none of the products supplied by Building Technology shall be used on any projects unless the registration fee has been paid. Payment of the registration fee authorises the user to modify the system, use it without time limit, and make copies for the purposes of customising it for different project types.

Prohibited use: The purchaser of any product shall not make copies of any products supplied by Building Technology for sale or free distribution to others outside the purchaser’s firm. Any such prohibited use shall void the license to use the products, and will constitute a breach of the copyright.

Product updates: From time to time, Building Technology may update products, which may include additional or revised features and/or changed content. Registered users will be advised of product updates when they are available. There may be a fee to download and use an updated product, which will be advised in the announcement of the update.

Updates to these Terms & Conditions: If these Terms & Conditions are updated, the updated I formation will be posted on the web site.

For any questions or notice, please contact us at:

Building Technology Pty Ltd, Unit 9D, 9 Beach St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia

ABN: 73 005 822 346


Last update: 3 February 2017