• Modify the Master set to suit your practice – change, add or delete check items.
  • Customise your Master template with your firm name, address & contact information – and it will be shown on every template and project checklist.
  • Quickly create separate sub-master templates for different project types and design disciplines.
  • Quickly customise checklists for checkpoints required for all projects, in the master template and/or project type/discipline specific lists.
  • Quickly create project-specific, discipline-specific checklists.
  • Modify project checklists as needed – Show or hide checklists with one mouse-click; turn off or on any checkpoint. You see only the checklists you need.
  • One-click navigation to any checklist and back to the Planner.
  • Assign responsibility for all items in a checklist to one person in seconds, or divide up responsibility as needed.
  • Each checklist provides for up to 10 checks, and provides space to record any actions required to complete the checklist. This feature provides a complete ISO 9001:2015 audit trail.
  • Each checklist provides for review and signoff that all tasks are complete, and this record is automatically entered on the Signoff column on Planner sheet, providing “at a glance” project task completion.
  • Fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015. If used with the Free CHECKITx Project & Practice Quality Plan templates, CHECKITx  gives you an ISO 9001 compliant system.
  • Risk management analysis and mitigation built in across the system.
  • Templates are set to print A4 size to facilitate retention of PDF project records.

Can I try it for free?

You sure can – both the CORE and MORE suites can be downloaded for a 10-day free trial. The free trial doesn’t give you access to all checklists, rather it gives you access to 8 representative checklists in each of the two suites – enough for you to thoroughly understand the product and decide if you want it.

Alternatively, CHECKITALL can be downloaded for a 10-day free trial, which gives access to 16 representative checklists – 8 from Core and 8 from More. This version is all 72 Core and More checklists combined into one productivity tool.

The other feature you can’t access in the free trial version is the “Hide/Show” facility, which allows you to turn whole checklists off, or on, to customise CHECKITx to suit various project types. Since you can’t access most of the checklists in the trial version, the idea of turning them off or on doesn’t make sense.