How to buy & set up CHECKITx

To download a free trial or to purchase CHECKITx, click on one of the links below, which will take you to the SHOP page. You can also access the SHOP page by clicking on the menu bar, upper right corner, and selecting Shop from the drop-down list.

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Important: Before you download CHECKITx, print out and follow these setup instructions – it will make the process much easier and quicker:

  1. When you open CHECKITx, always click “Enable macros”.
  2. The first time you open the system, you will get a dialog box that tells you to enter “TryBTech”. You have to enter that, and it’s case-sensitive.
  3. Next, you will get a dialog box that tells you to enter your firm name. Put that in exactly as you want it to appear on all your checklists, as you can’t change it later. That registers CHECKITx to your firm.
  4. The free trial gives you access to 8 sample checklists for each of the two programs.
  5. When you close the program, always click SAVE.
  6. Each time you re-open CHECKITx in Free Trial mode, it will ask you to enter an unlock code, which you get when you buy the system. You can simply click “Cancel” and it will allow you to explore the program until the 10-day free trial expires.
  7. Once you purchase CHECKITx, you will receive a unique unlock code. Enter this unlock code into CHECKITx when prompted, then click “OK”. You will then have access to all checklists in each Project Stage, along with unrestricted access to the program’s complete range of functionalities.
  8. See also the Features & Benefits page for more information on the free trial period.

What’s in the Free Trial?

The Free Trial doesn’t give you the entire CHECKITx suite – For security reasons it gives you only the first checklist in each Project Stage for CHECKITx CoreMore, or All.  That’s enough for you to see how the whole system works, and to decide if you want to buy it.


Privacy & Returns Policies

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