TeamWork is a project management tool designed to eliminate gaps and overlaps in scoping work for the different members of the project team, whether they are subconsultants to the lead consultant, or separate consultants appointed by the client. TeamWork lists over 500 consulting scope items across 27 building design consultant types.

The first, paper-based version of this system – “Task Manager” – was created in 1986 by Charles Nelson for Melbourne architects Denton Corker Marshall, and has been updated and rebuilt as a database system. TeamWork is a tool designed for project managers and lead consultants, but can be used by secondary consultants to clarify overlapping or unassigned responsibilities (managing upward).

TeamWork facilitates project integration by reminding the design team of all of the scope components required, forces assignment of each of them to some team member, and tracks progress and completion.

TeamWork is highly adaptable to any project situation. Users can:

  • Use any combination of consultant types
  • Uncheck any tasks not required for a project
  • Re-assign any task to any other consultant type with one mouse-click
  • Add new task item, delete task items and change task item descriptions
  • Assign a person to a task by filling in a name or initials in the “Who?” column

Can I try it for free?

You sure canTeamWork can be downloaded for a 10-day free trial. To download a free trial or to purchase, click on link below, which will take you to the SHOP page.

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