• Reassign items to be performed by other consultants, by putting the two-letter consultant ID into the “Assign to” box next to the item, then clicking the Reassign button. Consultant ID is found on the Planner sheet.
  • Uncheck items using the checkboxes in column C if they are not required. Double click on the cell to turn the checkbox on or off. To turn every checkbox in the sheet on or off, click the Checklist On or Checklist Off button. To invert the checkboxes, click the Invert button.
  • Under review results, you can enter either Not started, In progress, or Complete. Double click on the cell to choose an option.
  • You can create new items by clicking the New button, and delete items by clicking the Delete button, and then selecting the ID you wish to delete (cannot be undone).
  • To save the sheet as a PDF, click the button Save As PDF (for Windows). For MAC, simply press File, Save As, change the format to PDF, select the option Sheet, and press Save. Once it is a PDF, you can then choose to print or email it.
  • In the Planner sheet, you can hide or show sheets, depending on which ones you need. You can also click on the hyperlinked two-letter consultant code (e.g. AC) to take you to the corresponding sheet. Click the hyperlinked ID on each sheet to take you back to the Planner. This function does not work in the trial mode.
  • In the Planner sheet, you have the option to show only those tasks that are checked (✓), or you can show both checked (✓) and unchecked (✕) tasks. If you choose to show only checked tasks, press the Checked button and every row that is unchecked (✕) will be hidden. Clicking the Masterlist button will unhide these rows.
  • NOTE: Do not re-assign Core Services items. Core Services  are those that are basic to the particular consultant type, and which require training in the type to be able to do responsibly.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not add, delete or rename any worksheets. If you do so, TeamWork will not work.

Can I try it for free?

You sure canTeamWork can be downloaded for a 10-day free trial. The free trial doesn’t give you access to all consultants, rather it gives you access to 6 consultants – enough for you to thoroughly understand the product and decide if you want it.

The other feature you can’t access in the free trial version is the “Hide/Show” facility, which allows you to hide consultants that you do not need. Since you can’t access most of the consultants in the trial version, the idea of turning them off or on doesn’t make sense.

To download a free trial or to purchase Teamwork, click on link below, which will take you to the SHOP page.

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