Talking Infrastructure, a non-profit association, has been created by Dr Penny Burns, supported by Jeff Roorda, Ian Spangler, David Hope and Gregory Punshon, who form the initial board.  All have a background in strategic asset management and planning and have a deep concern for our future.

Our members are planners, strategic asset managers, financial specialists, environmental scientists, economists, sociologists, administrators and many others who share the realisation that to really benefit from the many changes that now surround us, all decisions need to reflect not the past but the futures that are now emerging.

Infrastructure decision-making has always been challenging.  It is now becoming much more so. Difficult challenges lie ahead as we transit from the 20th century world of large scale, centralised, infrastructure which provided mass services, to the 21st century world of small scale, de-centralised, ICT and communications-dominated infrastructure, providing individual and customised service.

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