System requirements for iProjects are the same as for FileMaker™. Refer to: for the current specifications.

Note that FileMaker identifies both “minimum” and “recommended” hardware specifications. We strongly recommend that you follow the latter as it will ensure that your iProjects software operates at maximum speed.

The above specifications are for each workstation running iProjects. You can link together up to five workstations running peer-to-peer. Theoretically you can link up to nine peer-to-peer workstations, however above five you will start to experience a slow-down in operation.

Above five we strongly recommend that you run iProjects from your server; above nine it is mandatory. In this installation, FileMaker Server™ is required, which is supplied as part of any standard iProjects installation package. Hardware requirements for FileMaker Server are described in

See also for additional information on server installations.

See PURCHASE > Purchase Options for more information, and for the services and support included in a contract.