Can iProjects talk to my other office systems?

Our discussions with practices around the world point to one basic gripe with practice management software: the lack of adequate system communication protocols – expressed as “these things won’t talk to each other”. Couple that with the fact (regardless of what developers claim) that no system does everything that the average large office needs, and the result is persistent frustration and annoyance.

Since we’ve worked to design iProjects to complement existing systems, we see this “talking to” issue as fundamental to program success.

That doesn’t mean that one can just go write “translators”. Most developers do not release their core codes, for obvious reasons – so usually there is no “ear” to talk to.  Accordingly, we’ve settled on Excel™ templates to act as intermediaries, because most systems have the capability to import and export alphanumeric data. We include Excel templates to facilitate the importing of Contact records.

iProjects uses FileMaker™ as an engine. There is a utility publicly available that synchs QuickBooks™ data to FileMaker™.

One of our associates has developed a utility for synching MYOB™ to FileMaker™; we are evaluating that for inclusion in the system.

Our programmers are experienced at writing purpose-built translators between one of the leading practice management systems and other applications, so we have the skills on board for custom installations where required.