If you’re lucky enough to have a savvy IT manager on staff, he/she will probably have the skills to help less computer-literate (read “older” here) staff up the learning curve to synthesizing database methodology with design processes. The younger people will “get it” very quickly.

Once mature designers get used to working in the design process within the framework that any software program imposes on its users, they will quickly discover that iProjects quite closely mirrors the way that they work naturally. We’ve designed the system to emulate traditional design methodology insofar as it was possible to do so.

If you have a few of these “mature designers” on board, and don’t have the luxury of a savvy IT manager, you might need some on-site training, to help the firm up the learning curve – to discover how well the system supports and extends your firm’s abilities and traditional style of working. We’ll provide that training, if you need it. Call us – 03 9686 3846 – for rates and booking some training.