iProjects Advantage

iProjects gives your practice a significant competitive advantage, described in the pages below. It does mean that you will have to “tighten up” the way you work – see The Smart Tradeoff.

iProjects gives you the framework for a powerful, unique Knowledge Base – already loaded, but totally customizable to suit your practice and the way you work. It also provides you with time-saving Document Management facilities, so that both internal and external source documents that drive your design decisions are just a mouse-click away.

iProjects provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use Corporate Memory system that will capture the knowledge that your people acquire as they create projects, saving it for future users.

Regardless of the state of your quality management system, iProjects includes the world’s simplest, fastest, and easiest to use template for creating Project Quality Plans – literally one mouse-click to create, with full capability to swiftly and easily customize for the practice, for each discipline, for each project type, and for each project.

Finally, iProjects includes a sophisticated but very easy to use template for identifying, assessing, and tracking Project Risk – again swiftly and easily customized to suit the unique nature of any project.