What is iProjects? 

iProjects is for the design firm that has never found the design support tools they wished they had. The unique software is modelled on the way one naturally works – to keep the learning curve easy.

iProjects combines a half-century of design practice knowledge, gained across three continents, with a synergistic set of proven design management tools ever assembled. 

The heart of iProjects is Design DNA, or DDNA – a modest but true evolutionary breakthrough in design management thinking. Deceptively simple, DDNA provides a single, scalable, user-modifiable structure for any design process, in any project type, for any design discipline, down to the level of tasks and actions.

Moreover, the full breadth and depth of this structure, together with associated project inputs, outputs, and all system tools, is managed on a single computer screen – or on your iPad, or even on your iPhone, in a pinch – or with a pinch!