CHECKITx is written in the Australian version of English, which sometimes needs translation to be understood by Americans and other nationalities not used to ‘Strine’ idioms. Here’s a partial list that responds to requests received (with thanks to Sarah Satterwhite at Architectural Resources Group in San Francisco). We’ll add more as we are made aware of them.

  • Architraves: door/window trim.
  • Brief: roughly same as Program.
  • Builder: contractor.
  • Builder’s work: work performed by the general contractor typically required as a result of the work of other trades.
  • Building Maintenance Unit (BMU): permanently installed window washing platforms and equipment.
  • Building Services Engineer (BSEng): mechanical-plumbing-fire protection-electrical engineer; can also include elevators, moving walkways, etc.
  • Ceiling module: lay-in ceiling grid.
  • Computer floor: raised access floor (for running mechanical and electrical below the floor).
  • Detailed brief: see “brief” – same as Program, but more detailed.
  • Ducted skirting: electrical run along the wall base, rather than within the depth of the wall framing.
  • Electrical substation: electrical transformer.
  • Energy management system (EMS): a set of software tools used to monitor, control, and analyze a building’s energy consumption (one definition – there are many depending on context of use).
  • Fire control panel: fire alarm control panel.
  • Functional diagrams: functional space plans.
  • Ironmongery / door furniture: door hardware.
  • Joinery: cabinet work.
  • Lift: elevator.
  • Materials descriptions: can be model and manufacturer names and numbers or other descriptive information that defines product characteristics and use.
  • Plant room: mechanical equipment room.
  • Quantity Surveyor (QS): same role as a cost estimator; the difference being that a cost estimator is typically employed by the architect/engineer, whereas a QS is an independent consultant.
  • Sheave beam: elevator hoist beam.
  • Skirting: baseboard



The following abbreviations are used throughout CHECKITx:

  • AIA = Australian Institute of Architects
  • AS = Australian Standard designation
  • BIM = Building Information Modelling
  • BSEng = Building Services Engineer
  • LS = Landscape Architect
  • PIC = Principal in Charge
  • PMP = Project Management Plan
  • POE = Post-occupancy evaluation (a review of the completed project)
  • QS = Quantity Surveyor
  • SEng = Structural Engineer
  • TL = Team Leader (e.g. Project Architect or Project Engineer)
  • WBS = Work Breakdown Structure