Good ideas never stop, they just keep getting better

Charles Nelson has been refining there CHECKIT concept for nearly 3 decades, and will continue to do so, as long as he has time left to keeping doing it.

Along the way, CHECKIT has become a highly flexible and scalable suite of tools, that can almost infinitely be modified, quickly and easily, to suit any design practice undertaking any design project. “Almost” because there are a few things about that can’t be changed – everything needs some kind of structure to hold it together.

Once this newest version is thoroughly tested in use, we plan to continue to improve it through addition of the following features:

  1. A version suited to US practices, without references to Australian standards, codes and guides.
  2. Respond to the trend toward Design/Build by breaking the 2-module suite into 4 modules: Core, More, Team and Admin. The Team module will focus on lead-consultant coordination of other consultants within the project team, and the Admin module will be needed only where the user is responsible for the Contract Administration phase.
  3. Open up space in the checklists by removing less often needed check items, and putting those in a special file to be “cut & paste” added to discipline/project checklists on an as-needed basis.

Watch this space!

Help make it better!

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Thank you!