Consulting to Mitsui Fudosan

In 2001 Charles received a call from PSMJ Resources, asking if he could take on a consulting role in quality systems for Mitsui Fudosan in Tokyo. He did, commuting from Melbourne for a year and a half to complete the project – which ended up being a complete rebuild of the Mitsui condominium division’s procurement and delivery process.

Joining the PSMJ community

Charles¬†then took off a year to write his second book on managing quality, and at the end of that was asked by PSMJ Resources, Inc. to take on a major program to put in place a “train-the-trainer” program for Maunsell, a major engineering firm headquartered in Auckland. Maunsell transitioned to become a part of the global firm AECOM, and Building Technology took on the role of building a training and consulting presence for PSMJ Resources in Australia – New Zealand. That work still forms the backbone of our work today. And we’ve never been busier!

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