What is CHECKITx?

CHECKITx is the latest version of the CHECKIT system, used by Australian Architects since 1986. This version is Excel-based, intended for paper-free use.

CHECKITx is divided into two sets of checklists: CORE and MORE.

The CORE set contains 29 checklists every architect should use on most projects requiring full services. It is similar to the scope of the original CHECKIT, but includes extra lists to cover the changes in ISO 9001:2015. See the Planner tab (you need the free download) for checklist titles in each.

The MORE set is an extra 43 checklists that cover a range of issues faced by current design firms, including environmental design, BIM, and consultant coordination.

If you are interested in trialling and/or purchasing BOTH checklists, you can download CHECKITALL, which is all 72 CORE and MORE checklists combined into one productivity tool.

About checklists

Checklists are simple but effective tools for ensuring things get done right.

Checklists often get a bad rap in creative fields like architecture because they prescribe what to do and how to do it. –

– archsmarter.com

It is common to misconceive how checklists function in complex lines of work. They are not comprehensive how-to guides, whether for building a skyscraper or getting a plane out of trouble. They are quick and simple tools aimed to buttress the skills of expert professionals. And by remaining swift and usable and resolutely modest, they are saving thousands upon thousands of lives.

  – Atul Gawande,
The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right