Step 3: Creating Project Checklists

  1. Select the appropriate Discipline/Building Type Master and create a duplicate.
  2. Enter the Project number & name in cell 2B. Enter project location in cell 3B. SAVE. The Project Number & Name will be automatically entered into each checklist, and into the Project Quality Report cover sheet.
  3. Review the selected Hide/Show selections and make changes as appropriate. SAVE.
  4. Review the checked items in each visible checklist. Turn off items not required for project. If needed, revise any check items. SAVE. Your checklists are now ready for use.
  5. Jump to any checklist by clicking its tab, or its title. Return to the Planner by clicking the PLNR button at the centre top of the checklist.
  6. Set up project responsibility: Put the initials of the main person responsible for each checklist in the Staff Assignment cell. That will paste these initials into the “WHO?” column across all checklist items. You can then individually assign items to others by putting in their initials. SAVE. (Note: Changing responsibility to another person disconnects the link. Restore by copying a cell with a “0” and pasting it into the unlinked cell.)
  7. This set of checklists is, effectively, your Project Quality Plan.
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Step 4: Using Project Checklists

  1. Each time you do a project check, put your initials and the date in the next available Checking Record cell. There is space for 10 checks – more than you’ll likely need!
  2. At each check, if the item is satisfactorily completed, put your initials & date in the item Chk by: and Date cell (col’s F and G) . This indicates the item does not need more checking.
  3. If you check an item and find it has problems, note briefly those problems under Col. D, and DO NOT initial the Chk by & Date cells.
  4. On subsequent checks against #3 items, if completed, follow instruction 2.
  5. Once all items on the page have been completed, put your name and the date in the Row 11 sign off boxes. This completes the sign off.
  6. Entries in the 11O cell will be auto-transferred to col. F on this page, for “at-a-gance” completion of the project checklist.
  7. You can, at any time, save the file as a Project Quality Report, by printing or using the Save as PDF printer function. The Report date will automatically be entered on the Cover page as the date of printing. See also Guide 3: Saving PDF files on the Guides page in CHECKITx.
  8. Need more help??
    Email us at or call 03 9686 3846
    International: +61 3 9686 3846