You can export a DesignRisk Report in either PDF or Excel format. To do either, click on the Export button on the Matrix page. It will display a dialog window: This button allows you to sort the Report entries in alphanumeric order, or in order of highest risk to lowest risk according to the risk quotient.

Generally you’d select the “Category” option. The risk engine, in a minute or so, analyses your selections and assigns the corresponding risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies, presenting them in the format below, one category at a time.

A related DesignNode article (C03.01) discusses Paul Tilley’s research in Australia, that showed that design fees had dropped about 25% over a 15-year period, and that documentation quality suffered as a result. This article provides an overview of the second focus of the research, which was to determine if construction was affected by this drop in design fees.

 Impact of design and documentation deficiencies

Construction process efficiency is affected by the occurrence of non-desirable elements of construction, such as rework, variations (change orders), cost overruns, extensions of time, program delays, contractual disputes and requests for information…

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